As an extension of their freedom of speech and assembly, workplace unions shall be permitted, but because unions introduce inefficiencies in competition they shall be discouraged, particularly for employees of the Globality and Localities.

To the extent that unions are required to ensure workplace safety and other working conditions, the Globality’s workplace safety regulations and enforcement should instead be expanded to ensure this. When unions exist primarily as a tool to raise wages, they are a corruption of market forces and so are unfair to workers in similar jobs in other companies or industries. For example why should workers who make cars be paid a different rate than workers who make toasters, merely because there are more of them or because they have more Authoritarians or more persuasive Social Dominators in their ranks who are willing to use the threat of violence (economic or otherwise) to achieve an unfair enrichment? If workers in a given job type are chronically underpaid, financial, social, or behavioral engineering tools should be brought to bear on this issue (e.g., increasing the Standard Income, creating a “Special Standard Income” for that group, or establishing tax penalties or incentives to allow corporations to pay them more, etc.)

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