As it is a manifestation of a human maladaptation, the tendency to overestimate the odds of unlikely events, particularly if they would be beneficial, The People shall allow but discourage gambling.

The Credential for gambling should be a relatively difficult one to get, including at least college level statistics and business management (i.e., you have to be able to show that you understand how to set the odds such that “the house always wins” before you’re judged to be competent enough to give your money to them). This of course also means no state-sanctioned lotteries. Although no one wants to see casinos spring up on every street corner, it should be distasteful to anyone who values free enterprise, or freedom in general, to pass mere behavioral engineering laws in an attempt to prevent it. Think of it a check on our educational system: When casinos die out, we’ll know that we have an educational system that works.

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