Immigration and Refugees

Each Matchish Locality must accept as many immigrants and refugees as possible without significantly impacting the quality of life of the existing residents.

Immigrants shall have the Standard Adult set of Credentials prior to entering the Locality, or be held in secure facilities if it is not possible to train and qualify them in their country of origin. Citizenship shall be granted immediately for accepted Credentialed individuals.

Because Matchism will provide The People with uniquely peaceful and prosperous communities, Matchish Localities will be in high demand as destinations for immigrants and refugees. As has been shown with immigration into most countries, and especially the US, those who emigrate to seek a better life are typically the most capable individuals and have the best chance of succeeding under Matchism. Therefore migration into the Globality shall be encouraged to the greatest extent possible without overburdening any Locality. The GRF will facilitate this process, especially in cases where large numbers of individuals arrive as the result of natural or human-caused disasters in their country of origin.

It is important for existing residents of a Locality to keep in mind that in many cases immigration into a Locality will be temporary: As individuals are trained to use Matchism and The System there will naturally be a strong desire to apply it to their country of origin where friends or family members will in most cases continue to reside, and to return once Matchism has been adopted there. Immigration will therefore be a primary marketing tool for Matchism, both because people in other countries who may be considering emigrating will be highly motivated to get their Standard Adult Credentials, and once in a Matchish Locality will be highly motivated to work toward adoption of Matchism in their country of origin.

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