Matchism: Philosophy for creating social, economic, and political systems that will provide for human needs in ways that maximize stability and efficiency because they are designed to be compatible with human nature and the available level of technology.

Matchist: A proponent of Matchism

Matchish: the people who work to implement matchism, and a new spoken and written language for them

Replism: A Defining characteristic or Operating Mode of humans, a combination of their instincts, Imprinted Moral codes, and any culture norms that influence their dispositions and behavior.

Matchism Provisions: Description of a social or cultural policy/law/rule/custom/mechanism that provides for Human individual or collective needs, making efficient use of available replism and any technology needed to implement it

Matchism Code: The current list of Matchism Provisions that have been approved by The People.

Matchable Replism: Replism that is compatible with one or more provisions of The Matchism Code.

Deprecated Replism: Replism that is incompatible with the goals of matchism.

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